A merger-acquisition consultancy at your side
a guarantee of success

An independent merger-acquisition consultancy created by Patrick Scicard, our consultancy is the first choice partner in France and internationally for actors in:

  • Luxury hospitality
  • Catering
  • High-end agri-food industry (gourmet boutiques, wines & spirits, specialised distribution…)

M&A operations (mergers and acquisitions) are now powerful tools for development and external growth.

However, acquiring and merging companies in the luxury hospitality industry or in catering does require in-depth knowledge about each of the markets in question.

On the one hand, these sectors are extremely heterogeneous. On the other hand, many aspects must be taken into account in this type of operation: financial, legal, fiscal, social, patrimonial…

Our consulting offer for mergers-acquisitions
key stages:

As experts in mergers/acquisitions of companies and businesses, our consulting offer allows us to guide both transferors and buyers throughout the sale or buying process, to negotiate the right price, and this within optimistic time periods.

1 – Guidance in setting out an external growth strategy and analysis of related issues
2 – Identification and selection of targets
3 – Fully confidential approach to identified targets
4 – Decision aid about the choice of best target
5 – Organisation of a meeting for initial presentation
6 – Analysis and valuation of target companies
7 – Negotiation with the various participants
8 – Coordination of the various fields of consulting until “closing

Advantages of de Patrick Scicard Investissements

  • Independence and a guarantee of strict confidentiality
  • A rigorous method
  • A customised consulting approach
  • Long-lasting guidance
  • An exceptional network of contacts



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Our consulting expertise in international development

A consultancy in international development, P.S.I.’s main aim is to guide actors in the luxury hospitality, catering and high-end agri-food industries in terms of their external growth strategy in foreign markets.

With 40 years of experience in these economic sectors and an exceptional network of relations, our team of consultants puts their expertise at your service in order to:

  • Identify the most suitable international markets for your brands and your products
  • Break into the selected foreign markets in an effective manner
  • Identify potential local and reliable actors, both financial and operational, to develop your export project
  • Establish your image internationally
  • Provide your team with a foothold in the target countries
  • Instigate operations to create connections between companies

Customised guidance for international develpment

Patrick Scicard Investissements wants to break away from traditional configurations of consulting in international development. For this reason, we adapt to your projects and design customised development solutions with a single contact person.

Conquering new markets and successful development of both your brands and your products in these markets in a sustainable manner, requires implementation of a specific strategy for each type of company.

Solid and results-focused, our processes for international development guidance are adapted to your specific requirements and your export maturity.

Our consultancy offers you guidance all over the world and in particular in the following geographical areas:

  • United States
  • China
  • France
  • Middle East

Consulting for successful development in China

Today, China is seen as a true gold mine of opportunity.

There are many opportunities for success, in particular in the luxury hospitality and gastronomy industries.

However, nothing is ever quite so simple. Indeed, improvisation won’t cut it in the Kingdom of China.

The keys to success are two-fold:

  • Defining the legal structure of your company in advance
  • Finding a reliable partner

The consultancy Patrick Scicard Investissements provides you with advice and puts you in touch with the best Chinese contacts:
professionals, personalities, investors and “facilitators”.


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Conseil pour un développement réussi en Chine

A consultancy in catering and hospitality
to create value

A consultancy dedicated to actors in the luxury hospitality, catering and high-end agri-food industries, for several years P.S.I. has been observing and analysing the profound changes that are at work in these sectors.

The constant evolution of consumer trends, transport and means of communication, are causing extensive change in the worlds of the hospitality and gastronomy industries.

In this context, innovation becomes a key element in making a success of existing companies, developing new hospitality concepts or restaurants, and creating value.

Guidance from experts for a personalised offer of services

Since innovation cannot be taken for granted and since it results above all from shared thinking, our expert consultants offer you both a strategic vision and in-the-field pragmatism.

Focused on results and performance, our consultancy accompanies all of its clients from the initial emergence of their projects right through to their completion.

We offer investors, owner-operators, landowners, institutional owners or family offices, customised guidance both in France and internationally by means of the following services:

Management of projects in hospitality and catering

  • Market research
  • Assessment of demand
  • Competitor benchmarks
  • Assistance to project owner
  • Opening hotels, boutiques, restaurants…

(Liste non exhaustive)

Strategy consulting in hospitality and gastronomy

  • Audit of market position
  • Financial analysis
  • Development strategy
  • Investment strategy
  • Merger/acquisition strategy
  • Management of culinary production

(Liste non exhaustive)

Consulting in operational management

  • Operational audit of hotels and restaurants
  • Strategy recommendations and monitoring of results
  • Crisis management
  • Management assistance
  • Marketing guidance
  • Asset management
  • Supervision of purchasing and stock
  • Technical supervision
  • Asset maintenance

(Liste non exhaustive)


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“Recruitment in the luxury hospitality and gastronomy sectors poses a real challenge. Attracting, then retaining talents is one of the major difficulties for company development and sustainability.

Men and women will tomorrow, still more so than today, make all the difference. With this in mind, our consultancy offers its clientshotel groups, Michelin-starred restaurants, specialised investment funds, wines & spirits enterprises, caterers…guidance in recruitment of executive employees in France and internationally.

Thanks to our exceptional professional network and renowned expertise in terms of team management and recruitment, P.S.I. perfects strategies for finding new talents that are suitable for each of your specific requirements.

When should you recruit
with Patrick Scicard Investissements?

P.S.I. helps you to identify and select the best talents in luxury hospitality and catering.

Our consultancy contributes in these areas:

  • Recruitment of experts
  • Transition management
  • Crisis management
  • Redeployment of resources



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